Exterior Decking (ACQ)


PT2000® is quickly gaining acceptance as the “next best thing to stainless steel” for use in these more corrosive wood treating chemicals and many exterior applications like: decks, fences, boat docks, board walks, playground equipment, sill plates, joist hangers, etc… PT2000® coating is available on items including: collated nails for pneumatic tools (full head 20/22-degree plastic strip, clipped head 31/33-degree paper tape, wire coil 15-degree welded with stainless steel wire, Hitachi / Max / Senco / Bostitch / Paslode style plastic sheet coil 15-degree, Duo-Fast style plastic sheet coil 0/90-degree, heat treated, joist hanger nails, etc..). PT2000® is also available in bulk; nails, deck screws (coarse thread, fast pitch, composite decking screws (need collated screws? No problem!), pins with washers, cut nails, concrete nails, anchors, joist hangers, hinges and any other metal connectors designed to be in contact with Pressure Treated Lumber.
*Offers superior corrosion resistance versus competitive coatings
*A premium quality coating for exterior applications
*All PT2000® test data confirmed by third party tests
*Has Corrosion resistance that exceeds hot dipped in ASTM B117 treated lumber accelerated tests.
*Has Consistent resistance to corrosion
*Delays initial occurrence of red rust which is critical to product durability
*Has a cost savings versus other "Premium" coatings
*Has a Distinctive color
*Is compatible with stainlesswire welding technology for collation

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