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Jim Boyd and W.C. Litzinger
Want to help building inspectors understand why UFO Ballistic NailScrews® are suitable? Take a look at our approach to helping inspectors avoid Paradigm Paralysis.

Paradigm Paralysis is the natural human resistance that accompanies major changes in industries searching for new solutions to old problems. In a word, executives are reluctant to leave their "comfort zones" by adopting new paradigms. But you can help them understand how improved fastening technology benefits everyone: producers, sellers, users, consumers…..everyone.

What are the prevailing paradigms in our industry?
1) Nails are specified in construction building codes.
ICC Evaluation Service, Inc. ( evaluates various nails as to whether or not they are in compliance with building codes (IBC, IRC, BNBC, SBC, UBC, and IOTFDC). Contractors use the ICC ES Report™ ESR-1539 as a guide to select the appropriate fasteners for their projects.

2) Screws stay put better than nails.
Many design professionals insist on screws to avoid loose floorboards, squeaky stairs and wobbly corner connections, especially when quality trumps cost.
When building codes don't include screws, inspectors are in a bind. They are afflicted with Paradigm Paralysis and need help to understand how screws can fit into their codes. Help inspectors by referring them to the ICC’s criteria for using wood screws as alternate fasteners to code specified nails. ICC's ES AC120, Acceptance Criteria for Wood Screws Used in Horizontal Diaphragms and Vertical Shear Walls addresses this problem by specifying side-by-side test methods to ensure that the screws will perform as well as the code prescribed nails.

3) Nails, which meet the codes, are more cost-effective than screws, and the builder is faced with the inevitable choice between economy and quality.
Today’s prevailing paradigm is, the only way to build an economical project and meet the minimum code requirements is to use nails. Is this paradigm valid? We do not think so.

The birth of the UFO Hybrid™ Fastener
The UFO Ballistic NailScrew® is a nail/screw Hybrid™ Fastener that brings together the best qualities of both nails and screws. UFO Ballistic NailScrews® can be economically driven in with a pneumatic nail gun, have holding power approaching that of a screw, and offer the added advantage of being capable of being removed after installation by screwing them back out with a screw driver.

BUT: “Will UFO Ballistic NailScrews® be acceptable to the building inspectors?”
Read the Preface of ICC AC120 which states that AC120 is not intended to prevent the use of fasteners not specifically prescribed, provided that the alternative is approved where the building official finds that the alternative design is satisfactory, complies with the intent of the code, and is equivalent in meeting performance standards.

Local officials with the authority to approve the project can take advantage of new paradigms without waiting for the regulators to catch up. The fact that pneumatically driven UFO Ballistic NailScrews® outperform their same sized nail counterparts (both smooth and ring shank) by 20% to 40% in various wood species makes them an acceptable alternative. In fact, in our withdrawal testing, smaller UFO Ballistic NailScrews® even outperformed larger (3” X .120) ring shank nails.

UFO has begun the slow process of complying with the bureaucratic process of approval. Before we took Ballistic NailScrews® to the market we performed our own third party tests and hired an accredited laboratory to perform Shear Tests, Bend Yield Strength Tests, and Pull-Out Resistance tests in accordance with ASTM D1761-88 and ASTM F1575-03 standard protocols. Please take a look for yourself at:

We will update progress on our website as we begin the ICC approval process. In the meantime, don’t be stuck in Nail vs. Screw Paradigm Paralysis.
You do not have to make a choice between economy and quality. Use the UFO Hybrid™ Fastener. If you are currently a nail user, convert to UFO Ballistic NailScrews® and enjoy the superior holding power. If you are currently a screw user, switch to UFO Ballistic NailScrews® and reap the labor cost savings without sacrificing quality.
Need more reasons to choose NailScrews®?
Patent pending UFO Ballistic NailScrews® are manufactured of high quality C1022 steel and are case hardened prior to the application of either yellow zinc plating or UFO’s proprietary PT2000® coating for use in treated lumber and other exterior applications.
Diameters currently available include: .113”, .120”, and .131” available in 15 degree wire coil, 20 degree plastic strip and 15 degree or 90 degree sheet coil collations. You may order UFO Ballistic NailScrews® in 1½”, 2”, 2 ¼”, 2 ½” or 3” lengths. You may special order other sizes at given quantities.
UFO Ballistic NailScrews® have superior holding power due to their fine threads averaging 15 per inch on the thread portion of the shanks. Unlike diamond pointed nails, UFO Ballistic NailScrews®’ rolled ballistic points minimize damage to wood fibers and are designed to attach wood to wood, wood to metal (12 gauge or thinner) and many other common building materials. NailScrews® are available with flat heads or with square or Phillips drives for easy removal. We will be glad to talk with you about special orders for other head styles to meet your needs.
For even greater holding power you can increase either the length or diameter of the UFO Ballistic NailScrews® used. Ask us to send you samples so you can chose the best NailScrew™ for your project.
We created a new UFO Ballistic NailScrew® design for use in composite decking material without mushrooming. Composite NailScrews® install 71% faster than traditional screws. To see a video of a deck installed with Trex® Composite Lumber and UFO Ballistic NailScrews® click here!
UFO Ballistic NailScrews® meet or exceed ASTM F1667-05 specifications.
*Above Excerpt from UFO nails (#1 manufacture of the ballistic nail)

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