Call Tag For Speedy Repairs
Call Tag For Speedy Repairs Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $20.00

This purchase is ONLY for the freight costs of the Call tag to get the tool to our shop

Your tool will be examined for FREE by our trained techs and you will be contacted with parts estimate.
The GROUP LABOR charge + HARD PARTS costs will be your total price of repair.
If you want tool returned unrepaired, your card will be charged for return freight cost.
**THERE IS NO HANDLEING CHARGES OR FEES to have tool examined.
Make sure your tool is NOT obsolete, we cannot get parts for discontinued tools. If there is any question about this please CONTACT USE PRIOR TO PURCHASEING repair Tag.

As the Web indicates, We only service the listed brands and contact us to make sure your tool is NOT OBSOLETE before shipping. Due to the volume of discontinued tools & parts for them we cannot mantain a list of tools that we service.
Simply CONTACT US if you have a question about the tool before sending it. We will not refund freight expense

Toll Free 866-857-6245

**Due to changes in steel prices, OUR prices are subject to change at any time.**