KILL Frost - 1 Pint - Pneumatic Anti-Freeze
KILL Frost - 1 Pint - Pneumatic Anti-Freeze Quantity in Basket: None
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KilFrost Pneumatic Anti-Freeze (1 pint)

Just the Fix to keep your tool from freezing up and prevent costly repairs from tools that have frozen because of water in the line.
1 Pint jugs also available in a case of 12 pints

KILFROST Pneumatic Tool Anti-Freeze and Lubricant is a unique fluid designed to provide the three requirements of air powered tools: Lubrication of moving parts, Corrosion Protection and Freeze Protection. Under cool conditions, pneumatic tools can experience downtime from freezing caused by the formation of ice in and around exhaust ports and valves. There is no need for this to happen if Kilfrost Pneumatic Tool Antifreeze and Lubricant is used in air line lubricators. Kilfrost is not an additive. It is to be used as received. Kilfrost absorbs the water in the air line, depressing the freezing point of the solution formed, thus eliminating freezing. This stable solution maintains high lubricity, unlike normal air line oils whose lubrication qualities deteriorate rapidly when water is present. Kilfrost is a semi-synthetic lubricant that has none of the drawbacks associated with normal oils.


Kilfrost is economical ű when fed at the correct rate it is not readily blown out of the exhaust port and wastefully dissipated. Any pneumatic equipment subject to severe corrosion conditions will benefit from KilfrostĂs unique ability to permanently absorb moisture. Kilfrost is NOT recommended for use above 100?F. It is used to prevent dieseling in rock drills and other heavy equipment which is important in underground operations or where gas leaks may be encountered. Kilfrost is also the only true antifreeze air line lubricant which will not damage polycarbonate bowls or polyurethane or buna seals. Formulated from ingredients meeting USDA guidelines for H2 service in food processing plants.

Features Performance

˛ De-Icing
˛ Prevents freezing
˛ Superior Lubrication Qualities
˛ Restores Power
˛ Absorbs Moisture
˛ Enhanced Tool Protection
˛ Fire Resistant
˛ Provides Rust Protection
˛ Prevents Tool Dieseling


Can be used in a variaty of tools & applications
Air Controls Control Valves Impact Wrenches Rock Crushers
Airless Pain Sprayers Cutters Jackhammers Scalers
Air Motors Deburring Tools Nibblers Sanders
Buffers Drills Nut Runners Shears
Chamfering Tool Excavators Polishers Tampers
Chippers Grinders Riveting Tools
Chisels Hacksaw Rock Drills

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