MAX PowerLite Strip Nailer & Framer HS90 - High Pressure (400psi)
MAX PowerLite Strip Nailer & Framer HS90 - High Pressure (400psi) Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $629.00
Manufacture Part Number: HS90
Brand: MAX
This powerful framing nailer can repeatedly drive and finish up to 3-1/2"" nails into engineered lumber, saving you countless hours of labor! And paired with the patented side by side 2 sticks loading system you can fire twice as many nails than an ordinary stick nailer before having to reload! With the power of 400 psi behind it this nailer can outperform any other framing nailer! Drives 2-3/8 through 3-1/2 stick nails Extremely lightweight, weighing in at only 5.8 lbs Powerful enough to shoot framing nails into engineered lumber Highest level of safety with the patented Anti-double firing mechanism, easy jam clearance and trigger locking lever Pointed teeth on contact arm prevents tool slippage Very versatile with the dial adjustable depth control and unique anti-tangle air fitting Comfortable rubber grip and lighter weight means you can work longer between rests Patented side by side two sticks loading system means you can fire twice the number of nails before reloading Maintenance free end cap filter keeps the tool running smoothly with fewer services Uses Full Round Stick Nails (KCM Nails only)

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