MAX PowerLite Drywall Track Nailer HN25C - High Pressure (3/4 to 1 inch) (400psi)
MAX PowerLite Drywall Track Nailer HN25C - High Pressure (3/4 to 1 inch) (400psi) Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $840.00
Manufacture Part Number: HN25C
Brand: MAX
"MAX PowerLite Drywall Track Nailer HN25C - High Pressure (400psi)
The HN25C Concrete Pinner easily drives and finishes up to a 1"" concrete pin through metal drywall tracks into concrete! The longer contact nose allows you to secure track in tighter spaces such as corners and other obstacles! With a load capacity of 100 concrete pins you can work longer in between reloads! With the power of 400 psi behind it this Concrete Pinner finishes the job in half the time of powder actuated nailer's!
Drives 3/4"" through 1"" concrete pins into engineered lumber, affixing them to concrete or steel beams
Extremely lightweight weighing in at only 4.4 lbs
Enough power to drive pins into concrete or metal
Long slim contact nose can fit into tighter spots
Dial adjustable depth control gives you the power to set the driving depth of the fastener
Sequential fire trigger valve allows you the control to change from sequential fire and contact firing
Unique tangle free swivel joint connector keeps your hose for tangling up while you move around the jobsite
Comfortable rubber grip and lighter weight means you can work longer between rests
Highest level of safety with the trigger locking lever
Can hold 100 concrete pins
* Dial adjustable depth of drive control
* Slim Contact Nose (Patent Pending)
* Side exhaust with built-in silencer
* Unique tangle-free swivel hose fitting
* Trigger Lock Dial for safety
* 100 pin magazine capacity
* Comes with plastic carry case
* Drywall track fastening to concrete
4.4 lbs

12""(H) x 3-1/4""(W) x 12""(L)

100 pins (Plastic sheet collated)
210 to 320 p.s.i.


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