This is entire list sorted alphabetically by Item code.
Code Name Price Manufacture Part Number Brand    
175-EBTYLC EB TY 005 175 PACK $177.39 175-EBTYLC Swan
175-EBTYP EB TY TS 175 PACK $178.19 175-EBTYP Swan
175-EBTYS EB TY 004 175 PACK $175.99 175-EBTYS Swan
abostitch_86503 Bostitch Industrial Series Air Filter 3/8 NPT Model 86503 $38.99 86503 Bostitch
abostitch_IC_14F_B Bostitch Industrial 1/4 inch Air Hose Coupler IC-14F-B $4.00 IC-14F-B Bostitch
abostitch_IC_14M_B Bostitch Industrial 1/4 inch Air Hose Coupler IC-14M-B $4.00 IC-14M-B Bostitch
abostitch_oil_BC602 Bostitch BC602 Pint size tool oil $5.00 BC602 Bostitch
abostitch_oil_BC603 Bostitch BC603 Cold Weather Tool Lubricant (1pint) $11.00 BC603 Bostitch
abostitch_prohose14100 Bostitch Pro-14100 air hose 1/4 x 100 feet $49.00 Pro-14100 Bostitch
abostitch_prohose1450 Bostitch Pro-1450 air hose 1/4 x 50 feet $39.80 Pro-1450 Bostitch


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